Cricket? Cricket!

Cricket is a sport that is a natinal sport in many countries but it is little known in Germany. There are cricket grounds and clubs in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Wiesloch and Bad Dürkheim, for example.

Cricket is a two-player game. It all revolves around the duel between the thrower (bowler) and the batter (batsman). The bowler tries to get the Batsman to make a mistake so that he is eliminated, the Batsman in turn tires to knock the ball away to score points (runs). The bowler is supported by the other field players who try to return the ball as quickly as possible.

Cricket is an example of a sport that is a national sport in many countries (for example in Afghanistan and Pakistan) but is little known in Germany. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look for possibilities where you can play cricket.

Cricket grounds and clubs are available for example in:



Wiesloch und

Bad Dürkheim.

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