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Tips for learning German in everyday life

Learning a new language is not so easy. That's why we have put together a few tips for you on how to learn German more easily in everyday life. Learning is not always fun, but we can guarantee that you will have a lot of fun with these tips! 

Tip 1

If you are trying out a new recipe, then choose a German recipe next time. That way you will get to know the ingredients directly in German and cook something delicious on the side. 

Tip 2

Watch a film or series with German subtitles. Pick out three words from the film that you don't know yet. Bring these words into your everyday life. And you'll have three new words in your vocabulary! 

Tip 3

Maybe you have a German song that you like especially. Look in the internet for the lyrics, then you can read along with the song or sing along. This is helpful for listening comprehension and pronunciation

Tip 4

Stick small pieces of paper on objects that you use every day and write on the paper what they are. For example, you can stick a note on your refrigerator or mirror. Each time you walk past the item, you can form a sentence. Like, "I'm opening the refrigerator" or "I'm looking at myself in the mirror." If you learn new vocabulary in sentences, you will remember them much longer! 

Tip 5

Get a tandem. What's a tandem? A tandem is two people. The persons have different native languages. They teach each other the foreign language. It's important to stay practical. If you can't find someone you can speak German with, then write with someone. For example via WhatsApp or another messenger service. The advantage of this is that the auto-correction will tell you if you misspelled a word.


You don't need to be afraid if you make mistakes. This is quite normal when learning a new language. And as we Germans say: Practice makes perfect! That means, the more you practice, the better you will become. 

We hope that the tips will help you and keep our fingers crossed when learning German! 

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