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Learning German online

Do you have children to take care of or are you unable to attend a German course due to your health? You are already attending an integration course but want to practice more German? Here you can find examples of how to improve your German.


"Ankommen" ("Arriving")

The Ankommen app can be used on your cell phone. You can download this app free of charge and choose from among 5 languages (German, English, French, Arabic and Farsi). Using this app will help you learn German and understand the German culture. It is useful for your first weeks in Germany.

Arrival App


Deutsche Welle

This website offers German courses from A1 - C1. They are interesting for both beginners and advanced learners. On your computer you can learn with the help of videos and audios or you can print out work sheets. The website is available in many languages. The courses are free of charge.

German courses


‘VHS’ (adult education centers)

On the VHS website you can find a category called: ‘Ich will Deutsch lernen’. There you can find different German courses. With the help of one of the German courses on this website you can raise your level from A1 - B1. This will help you during the integration course. There are other courses that can help you with your job in Germany as well. You can also find a course to learn the German alphabet. The level of this course is A1. All courses are free.

Ich will Deutsch lernen (english website)


"Einstieg Deutsch"

Einstieg Deutsch is a free app for cell phones. This app is for beginners who do not speak any German yet. The App is available in 10 languages: Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Kurmanji, Pashto, Tigrinya, Turkish and Urdu.  

Einstieg Deutsch App (english website)



On this website you can find many ways to learn German that are available for free. On this website you can find information on apps for your cell phone as well as on other websites. This website offers exercises for both beginners and advanced learners. There are children’s books in Arabic, too.  And you can also find exercises that are helpful for work as well.




‘Duolingo’ can be downloaded for free. It is an app that can be used on your cell phone or on your computer. You can choose from among many languages. For example: If your native language is Arabic, you can learn German, English, Spanish, French and Swedish.

Duolingo App

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