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How the German Corona App works

As of today you can voluntarily download the Corona app in Germany. It warns users when there is a risk of infection. What else you should know about the app can be found here! 

How does the app work?

There are two options. All you need is a smartphone.

Option 1: Assuming you test positive for Corona. Then you will receive a QR code from the laboratory with the test result. You can enter this code into the app. Afterwards, all other people who use the Corona App and have been near you will receive a warning. All this happens anonymously and is voluntary!

Option 2: After you have tested positive, you can also call a telephone hotline. This is available 24 hours a day. The staff will ask you questions anonymously and send you a code on your mobile phone. You can also trigger a warning message in the app and the other users will be notified. You will receive further information about the telephone hotline after you have tested positive for Corona. 

If you decide to use the second option, your mobile phone number will be given. Otherwise, the Corona App works without a mobile phone number and does not collect location data (GPS data). The Corona app creates anonymous codes which are sent from smartphone to smartphone via Bluetooth. The risk contacts are only checked on the users' mobile phones, not via a central server.

The app is partly multilingual. (German/English)

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app wherever there are apps. For example in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app does not download automatically to the mobile phone, not even when the operating system is updated.

Note: There are already several Corona Apps that are used in other countries.  The German Corona App can be recognised by a "red-blue C".

Is the app voluntary?

The corona app is voluntary. There is no obligation to use the app. You decide how responsibly you treat your fellow human beings and inform them about the risk of infection. 


Here you can find more information about the app. 

Stay healthy! 



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